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Beautiful products to energise your space.

Surrounding yourself with beauty is one way to bring the nurturing energies of nature into your environment. These items have been created with this idea in mind, and are hand made in Australia.

Lamp in neutral beige and greens
art lamps

Select an Art Lamp for your living room or bedroom and feel the difference it makes to your space. Choose the colours
you love and bring the beauty and harmony of nature
into your home.

Each Lamp is an original art piece which has been created to soothe, inspire and uplift.
They are designed and made by hand in beautiful Byron Bay.
The design is based on the plant motif of an ancient cycad "zamia furfurae", which has existed on the earth for thousands of years. The vibrational frequency of the plant motif is released when the light is turned on. These unique lamps create a soothing ambience in any room as they bring the beauty, harmony and balance of the plant kingdom into your home or office.

Light plays an essential role in our ability to perceive the world around us. Lighting can affect performance, mood, morale, safety and decisions. Art Lamps are ideal for ambient light in a room and can make a huge difference to the atmosphere when the television set is turned on. Art Lamps are ideal to leave on when you are going out for the evening and you will find them welcoming when you return home.

>>Learn more about Art Lamps>>

energy clearing kits
The Energy Clearing Kit puts the power into your hands. It provides all the necessary items to do several energy clearings of your home, along with instructions and suggestions for keeping your space clear.
Energy Clearing Kits cost $66.00 (plus postage/handling)

This KIT contains:
Detailed step by step instructions to guide you
Brass basilica incense burner
10 charcoal tablets
25gms Loose ritual incense
(frankincense, copal, myrrh, sandalwood, benzoin, lavender, cedar, orange peel, cinnamon & rose petals)
100gms sea salt crystals
1 pkt Incense sticks or cones
Energy clearing aromatherapy spray.
With these items you can conduct up to 10 energy clearing rituals. (Tea light candles are not included) Refill packs can be ordered.

















Notebooks are available in two sizes and the covers are made from screen printed, 100% cotton. They are pre-shrunk so you can wash them if necessary. The covers come complete with a blank spiral bound notebook - 120 pages, 110gsm, 100% acid free paper. When your notebook is full, remove the cover and refill with a new book.
A5 is a good size to carry in your bag     $26.00

A4 is perfect for a journal or sketch book    $38.00    

A5 notebooks

Each A5 notebook cover is slightly different due to the hand printed nature of the fabric.
Available in a variety of colours, so take your pick or suggest your own colours: burgundy & greens / blues & green / burgundy & lime / tangerine & blue / beige & olive / grey & greens / pink & orange & green/grey & green & pink.

A5 notebooks

Choose the size you prefer and state your colour preference
on the order form.
They make great gifts.




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